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From invisible light chips to packaging visible semiconductor diodes; From diodes to modules, and finally integrated into different application systems, SLT achieves the mission and value of semiconductors.

Large scale application

In data communication and telecommunications applications, the stability of high-speed data transmission is increasingly required, and quantum computing, as the next generation of computers, also relies more on the reliability of semiconductor technology. The online operation of industrial sensor 7X24 also requires strict requirements for the MTBF life of our semiconductor chips< SLT has mature and reliable performance testing that can meet the extreme application conditions of customers.

Data center

Silicon photonics, coherent communication

Quantum computing

Quantum radar, quantum communication


Precision spectroscopy, lidar, metrology

5G/6G network

High bandwidth, Telecommunications applications


From semiconductor chips to industrial modules, SLT makes industrial applications more intelligent.

SLT makes chips closer to applications    

We know how to change this.

Semiconductor lasers operating globally

The semiconductor laser developed by SLT is currently operating for 7X24 hours in different application areas of its partners. Advanced semiconductor technology combined with our unique optical design ensures that our 10k+laser can run in real time "without any errors"

Our technology

We seamlessly connect semiconductor chips to various application fields, including emerging industries such as quantum communication, fiber optic sensing, high-speed communication, and biomedicine.

Accurate wavelength screening

SLT can perform wavelength screening on COC chips, providing photon chips with a tolerance better than ± 1nm. SLT has a near-infrared high-speed acquisition wavelength meter, and a mid infrared FTIR Fourier spectrometer for strict screening of all wavelengths

Automatic power monitoring

The fully automatic L-I-V curve detection system independently developed by SLT greatly improves the efficiency of semiconductor laser testing. It automatically measures the relationship between laser power and driving voltage with current changes, and draws relevant curves in real time

Precision spectral analysis

MS9741B Anli Spectral Analyzer covers 600-1750nm, 0.07nm resolution, dynamic range 70dB, AQ6375E mid infrared spectrometer 1000-2500nm resolution, 0.05nm dynamic range 50dB

Characterization of beam quality

Beam quality is an important aspect of laser beam characterization. SLT analyzes the 2D/3D profile of the laser beam, evaluates M2, and analyzes the beam quality of the laser
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Our product

Semiconductor light-emitting chips

Provide DFB/SLD/FP/VCSEL/ECL chips (or COS packaging)
Encapsulated optical devices include various types of packaging such as butterfly, TOSA, TO39, etc High performance integrated modules or systems

Semiconductor detection chip class

SLT provides Si based and InGaAs semiconductor materials with high conversion efficiency, enabling customers to customize units and various array chips

We are ready to achieve this goal.

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